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Monday, August 31, 2015

The voice kids philippines season 2 finale grand finals ESANG "Somewhere...

ESANG you win our HEARTS! Whatever happens we are here for you.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Deleting Linked Up Sites

Good morning! Monday to all. I have been patiently checking the old friends bloggers. Who's still active and who's not because those who are not using their sites anymore will be deleted. That is supposed to be an exchange links. We are not doing the linking up sites just to link you on my site. That is a two-way process you know... LOL

I hope you will understand. You know who you are.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Good Job Meralco

 I heard their commotion outside and found out what is all about.This was happened last August 13, 2015, one of the old lumber post of  Meralco bended. Maybe it was tired to stand up straight... LOL So what I did I called up the hotline of Meralco at around 1 o'clock of the afternoon. The operator guaranteed me that it will be attended within that day.

 It was passed 3 o'clock maybe a bit going to 4 o'clock in the afternoon when they arrived. Not bad! right? They responded as fast as they could. That day they just did an immediate remedy, but all the works had done the next day. The old lumber post was changed of a new one which is the cemented post. Kudos Meralco!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

STOP! Look and Watch

This is what other people does behind the customers back. Terrible! how could you do that well in fact you are also humans, you have a family that also consumes and eat those foods. We still need to go back to the basics. Our values in life... HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY!!! Do not cheat just to have profit.

We buy food to be able to eat and be healthy not to get sick. This is one of the reasons why there are lots  of diseases arising nowadays. One of the recommendations that I would tell you is that you plant what you eat (if it's possible). Otherwise, you need to be alert in buying fresh in the market. As what we have seen in the video, the green peas is diluted to a certain solution so what can we do about it? You need water and try to wash the green peas on it. If the water becomes green and you saw that there is another substance then do not buy the product.

Good luck to all of us...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Esang on Voice Kids

She's definitely in it to win it! Kudos Telesa known as Esang. One of the rising kids on her generation. Bamboo was right "were going to watch you". I was following her on Facebook She's already on the final 4 of The Voice Kids here in the Philippines. Good luck Esang we believe in you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Auction Prize

It's my first time to join an auction and today I said to myself I am in it to win it. I got the 15-Piece Non-Stick Soft Handle Cookware Set & 50T Credits for just $0.83 only. I am determined today to win the prize. I guessed the other bidders saw that because there are some bidders that also tried but I let them see that I got this product. This is mine even if I am running out of Tcredits. Thank God even though my kitten left me there is another blessing that you have given. Thanks to my SFI family they have this kind of auction where I can saved 99%. Wow!

By the way if you like to join SFI just e-mail me:

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cervical Cancer

The word CANCER is very scary to hear or to be known to have one. One of the types of cancer is found in the cervix. This type are caused by HPV Human Papillomavirus. Most of this cases men are the carrier and the woman are the one who manifest. So sad to say but no matter how we think men are faithful enough to their wives still the end of the day the woman will suffer. I have seen a lot of cases of this it would be easy to escape for men if their partner are having also, multiple sexual relationships.

The only proof that the patient has a cancer is the biopsy result. It would be great if this detected earlier and one of the symptoms of this is excessive bleeding aside from monthly menstruation. Earlier detection could have the simplest treatment protocol. Any type of cancer has a different stage and the terminal stage is 4B.

How will you treat this disease NATURALLY?

1. YOU NEED TO ACCEPT IT. If not you will always procrastinate in going to your doctor.
2. YOU NEED TO HAVE THE WILL TO LIVE. Be strong and manage your stresses in life.
3. CLEANSE ALL THE ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and financially. Try to mend all the hearts that you broke.
4. HAVE A STRONG FAITH TO GOD. Believe in miracles.
5. CHANGE YOUR EATING HABIT. Feed your good cells with good food.

For stage 3A, 3B, 4A, and 4B treat your body naturally and together with the treatment protocol that the doctor told you. Try not to remove the tumor because there is a tendency to spread the cancer cells. What about the patients on provinces please try to observe your symptoms and again it is EXCESSIVE BLEEDING. Of course, it will start on minimal basis until such time that it will become too much. If this happens and you are living in nearby province please try to have your check-up in the metro.I'm not against the practitioner in the provinces but most of the cases the only solution they see is to remove the tumor without knowing that it is malignant and it would not be better not to touch at all.

I am not a doctor to tell you all of this things but if you happen to read this, is based on my experience, collective learning and based on my little understanding. It would still be best to consult an oncologist ob-gyn doctor.

We deserve to live a great life! To be able to that we need to have a good defenses.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Charice and Lea - Telephone

Watching this video had me a goose bumps. I had an exhilarating experience while watching her. Kudos Charice or Sunshine Dizon! We are so proud of you because you never left us at all. I know you would go far beyond that we Filipinos’ ever imagine.

I had written this article 5 years ago, but the video is not working anymore I need to revise and upload a new one. She is a girl and I hope she will accept the challenge of God. It's not accepting who we are but it is we accepting the challenge of the Mighty One.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Michael buble - "Home" - Live at Madison Square Garden

I have been watching a lot of times the full-length DVD of this final stop concert (2008) of Michael Buble at Madison Square Garden. Watching this concert moves my heart out. I feel so in love with my partner. I thought, okay its first time and probably its natural, but I was wrong even if I watched it many times I had the same feeling. I am sharing this to all of you because I watched his video every time I need to watch it but of course it takes away my stress. One of my favorite songs is “Everything” you’re every song… and I sing along cause you’re my everything…. lalalala

It's good to be in love...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Someone Used By The Holy Spirit To Pray For Us

Yesterday Dela Cruz Gretchen and I went to the market. I saw a two foreigner ladies. I thought they're strayed way back to their hotel. I was looking at them, they're asking the guy vendor. The way analysing the situation it's hard to the vendor to communicate with them. I told my friend to wait because I thought that they NEED MY HELP so I approached the two ladies. Knowing that they were not strayed at all because they are YWAM(Youth With a Mission) if I heard it right. I introduce myself to them and ask them what are their queries is all about. They told me that they were missionaries and they like to pray over the guy vendor that they are talking with. To cut the long story short "THE TWO LADIES PRAYED AND BLESSED US". I told the vendors "ipagdadasal nila kayo" "they will pray for you" and they agreed. Sometimes it is "WE NEED HELP" coming from our brother and sisters in Christ.

The MORE PEOPLE WILL PRAY FOR US THE BETTER. Their prayers are POWERFUL! To all of my friends, you know who you are I would like to say THANK YOU for always including me in your prayers. Since my friends are few I will mention all of them here on my blog: My dear Joy, The Olives Girl Yanna and June, Gracietta, My kapatid Grace, Ate Marlyn, My kapatid Alvin, Beng, Gretchen, Tita Fanny, Tita Fe, Ate Susan, My dear child Esel, my niece Lorna and Mama Babette.
Thanks to God for sending missionaries. We should not be bound by religion because we only have ONE GOD! May God bless us all!!!