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Friday, July 27, 2012

After Three Years

After 3 years of being silent, busy, and doing business. Finally
I decided to manage my time and go back to teaching industry. Somehow I feel happy that I am doing both. I hope I will enjoy it because I like that I am being updated and giving life my blog.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Long Break

I missed writing on my blog. It’s been a long time that it was not updated. I have been dormant for the past few months that I fermented myself in my room after doing my business. I am still hoping that I may do this even thrice a week just for a warm up. Anyway, my cousin Mady is a Premier Property Specialist. If you like investing your money in real estate’s or golf shares, try to contact her. I will show you the one that I like…

 Ayala Greenfield Estates  
Set a midst the breathtaking views of Laguna de Bay and Mt. Makiling is an exclusive residential community in Calamba, Laguna called Ayala Greenfield Estates. Bask in the quiet glory of lush greenery and invigorating water cascades. A weekend getaway, or a home away from home, it is a world where the sound, smell and feel of natural scenery embraces you; a dwelling where nature, beauty and function can all come together just for you. Each lot comes with a share at the Golf & Leisure Club with a modest activation fee. Now, weekends will never be the same again.

Not only are beaches, good options in having vacation but also this kind of places. Were you feeling the warm weather on high altitude especially on hot summer in low lands? How wonderful in that place not worrying anything just to have a vacation.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Michael Buble MSG 2008

I have been watching a lot of times the full length DVD of this final stop concert (2008) of Michael Buble at Madison Square Garden. Watching this concert moves my heart out. I feel so in love with my partner. I thought, okay its first time and probably its natural but I was wrong even if I watched it many times I had the same feeling. I am sharing this to all of you because I watched his video every time I need to watch it but of course it takes away my stress. One of my favorite songs is “Everything” you’re every song… and I sing along cause you’re my everything…. lalalala

Friday, March 4, 2011

AmaSING Thia

Thia Megia made it through to American Idol 10! Once again a Filipina make us proud… I want you to know that we are praying for you. To all Filipinos who live in the US please vote for Thia!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Deep Nerve Massage

This is the one connected below (battery operated)

In the world of stress all we need is to relax through massage. Yesterday there are two persons bother to offer to have a massage by using their gadgets. One for the feet and the other is for the body. Ate Che and I tried it. Choose the body part that is more stress. How would you know that it is stressed? Usually the muscle is hard and sometimes you will pain. My toes are reacted on it. There are difference between the gadget and human massage. The gadgets capability is consistent while the human massage has a flexible press on our body. Anyway whatever we avail they are both good and relaxing. If you are tired, stressed and have body aches try to have a deep breath or a massage. Have a good weekend everyone.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines

Happy hearts day to all the bloggers and non-bloggers! Others are deeply in love while the others are emotional of not having a date. You know what I have learned for the past years it is not important whether you have a partner or none. The important thing is you were able to manage yourself to be happy. You may have partner but doesn’t give importance on you it make no sense at all, right? You are maybe single but you are happy then live with it. This day only reminds us to be in love with our partners but if you don’t have one then be happy also. We all have our own destiny… love love love

Favorite House Area

My favorite areas of the house are bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Bedroom needs to be clean all the time. Having soft linens and lighting effects. Try not to eat on this part of the house so that it will not attract pest at all. Why kitchen? For a simple reason, I love preparing food on my loved ones. I clean it often to avoid mess of crumbs for cockroaches and mice. I like kitchen gadgets, good stoves and oven. Most of my time is on this part of the house. I always wanted to prepare good food. It was tiring but yet fulfilling. I do believe that we are what we eat so as much as possible I personally do this. Next to kitchen is bathroom. When we went to home depot bathroom design are one of my favorite to look forward to. Looking at the price I just thought it is just for display. I told myself never mind for now, who knows for the next ten years. Aside from depot’s I also scan they always have great deals. From bathroom enclosures, accessories, heated towel rails, tiles, furniture, mirrors, etc. Looking those latest bathroom designs motivates me more to work hard. I am always dream on that one day I’ll have all of it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

All About Hands

It’s been two months ago and I would like to be thankful to my dearest best friend through posting this. Thanks dear for giving me this gift. From Australia she bothers to send me a gift through with her friend Thess. When I got SMS from Thess I thought it was a scam because I was not expecting any package from anyone. In short I ignored her message and texted me again indicating the name of Joy. Ah okay this message is really mine. We met at SM Megamall and amazed on what’s inside of the package.
It contains a bracelet, perfume, hand scrub,cleanser and moisturizing lotion.
My friend bothers to take care of my working hands. I know I have been using it a lot and I’m not applying anything on it. And because of her gift reminds me that I need to moisturize my hand to make it look beautiful. I tried to maintain of not so long and square nails. I prefer to look my bare nails to see if it’s clean. Once in a blue moon I applied nail polish on it. Most of the time I was the one who manicure my hands rather that a manicurists. Luckily I have soft hands that callous did not exist on our genes.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Insured Now

Does 30 year term life insurance does really makes secured in life? For those who believe in well there are thirty year term life insurance and 20 year term life insurance that exist in the market today. Try it so that you will have the guarantee in the future.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Hair Look

It’s been a long time since I have written something about myself. Well I decided to have a new hair before 2011. From a long non-bangs hair into short hair. I would like to have a new image, good vibes and aura. I’m not that active as a blogger that is why I lost track to some of the blogger friends. Maybe someday if I have a lot of time to browse I’ll visit all of you.