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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Battle of my Life

(Having an Appendicitis)

How can I forget March 23, 2007? I felt the symptoms of appendicitis but I'm not aware
what is the ailment I'm suffering of. After lunch this day I felt pain. I took a bath & massage myself. After a few hours the pain is tremendously increasing. We went to the clinic nearby and the doctor gave some antacids.
When Alan came home he rented a vehicle and drove me to Chinese General Hospital. I'm at the emergency area up to 2am. They examined my stool and told me that I have a yeast infection. Before I went home the doctor prescribed me some antacids. Saturday, the pain doesn't stop and it gets even worse. I vomit every time I eat some food. The medicine that I took that time did not even help to stop the inside my digestive area. It's so hard to sleep with the pain that wakes me up. Sunday passes by and I can still endure the pain thinking that this is just a gastritis. When Monday comes, I take my food supplements which is aloe Vera gel, bee propolis, and garlic thyme.I take those supplements every 4 hours that day. Thank God! Honestly it gives me a relief. Wednesday came, I can walk a little we headed to the clinic of Dr. Tan (a specialist for disease of stomach) I forgot how do they called it. That day he said I need to be operated.

Again I was confined at the emergency of the same hospital. I told the resident doctor that I've been there last Friday. Can you imagine the days pass by? (its already 6 days). They got all the data's last Friday that I'm keeping. That moment we were waiting for the surgeon to arrive. When he arrived he checked me and pressed my stomach to death. At that time I don't felt a pain anymore because every time he pressed my stomach I fart and gives me a relief. Dr. Ngo just told me I'm just enduring the pain. I will share to you my conversation with him.
Dr. Ngo: you need to undergo appendectomy...
Sam: how much it will cost?
Dr. Ngo: (hesitant to answer the question)
Sam: just give me an estimate...
Dr. Ngo: some of my patients operation cost P100K or if it is worse it may become P200
SAM: we don't have that big amount, I just graduated from college?
Dr. Ngo: some of patients pawn the land tittle to me...
Sam: I don't have a land tittle but i have a diploma! (listeners laugh)
In short we got out of that hospital. We proceed to Philippine General Hospital (PGH) at the ward section. When the doctor checked me, he can't even identify if it is appendicitis. Again we got out of the hospital and go home. The next day we go back to PGH but the free consultation is over. The nurse in the information area told us where the clinics of the doctors of PGH. That's the time I met Dra. Nicodemus, she gave me a recommendation to be able to get in the pay ward of PGH. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her. She's been so kind and given me emotional support. I hoped she's having a great time right now and a happy family life...
April 2, 2007 the scheduled date of my operation to remove whatever causes the pain inside my stomach. Can you imagine the days pass by before I undergo an operation? It took 11 days... I'm grateful to Almighty God that He still giving me an opportunity to do my mission in this world. I would like to thank my family and my friends... They pray so hard!


Vannie said...

11 days??? you endured pain for 11 days? wow, your a strong woman!