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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Inherited Diseases

Are you aware of the diseases that most probably come from your ancestors? If you are aware there is a possibility that you will be able to stop or anticipate any complicated diseases in the future.

My personal experience, on my father side the most common diseases of his family are thyroidism and liver problem. While on my mother side are ear problem, hypertension, and diabetes and take note thyroidism also belong in their family.

In short, thyroidism manifested on my body since elementary days. The genes are dominant that is why I have it. Usually MEN are the MANIFESTORS it means they reveal the disease of the ancestors. WOMEN only manifest if the gene is dominant because we are the CARRIERS.

As you can see both sides of my parents has thyroidism. That is why it manifested on me. Does it make sense? Try to ask your parents what is the cause of death of your grandparents through that you'll find out the possible diseases that you will also have sooner or later.

Be aware of the food that you eat or rather have a good choice of food. Food that will not harm your body or develop your innate diseases. I’m not blaming my parents but if they were cautious about the food that I eat. There could be a possibility not to have thyroidism. Supplying me with the proper minerals especially iodine and serving food that can help people with thyroid. Even if I don't have it because as their children we have a greater chance to have those diseases.