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Sunday, June 22, 2008

My appendectomy due to appendicitis

What really happens when I had an appendicitis? If you had read the

Battle of my Life
it took 11days before I have my appendectomy. How did I survive in that battle? As we all know most of the patient who encounter this kind of disease won't take a long time. Sometimes it is only hours to go to heaven or hell...

I am so grateful because during those times I had my food supplements. Helped me in the times I suffered and was able to survive. I took that time namely; aloe Vera gel, aloe berry nectar, bee propolis and garlic thyme of FLP. Instead of spreading the poison or toxin to my body it biomes a ball of abscess.

This is just my opinion after what I've been through last year. Just to remind you that this case needed of medical help. If I trusted so much with my food supplements all the way to that battle. I could actually win without a surgery or appendectomy. The ball of pus or abscess is located on the top of one of my ovary which is already leading out to my vagina (one of the exits of our body). Why did I say that? Because after my operation I decided to took a natural antibiotic instead of the over the counter medicine. I experienced some discharges of the remaining pus. That is why I think if I was able to continue all my supplements in due time it will come out if I patiently waited for it.

Mind you that when the appendix erupted the poison or toxin will scatter to the body. That will not allow the person to live for a long period of time.

Thanks to my food supplements! I would also like to thank Forever Living Products for manufacturing a high quality food supplements. I know others can't accept that food can actually heal them. It's been so hard to twist there way of thinking. But it can and that's what we call NUTRACEUTICAL!!! I'm not against of pharmaceuticals but I hope that they will manufacture a medicine that has no side effects. They know what I'm talking about. Presenting a cure with an extra gift!

But then again it’s up to you to decide what kind of management would you like. Anyway it’s your body! Forgive & Love it!