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Friday, August 1, 2008

10 Reasons Why You Need Vit. C

1. Fundamental in the production of collagen

What does collagen do in our body?

With the proper function of collagen, we can prevent the following:

a. Aging
b. Muscular Pain
c. Gout
d. Rheumatic Fever
e. Rheumatoid Arthritis
f. Colitis
g. Inflammation of the blood vessel

2. Helps the body to preserve and repair connective tissues, bones, muscles, and veins.

3. Helps in the healing of wounds and burns.

4. Defend the body against free radicals or toxins, virus, and bacterial infection.

5. Helps to maintain solid bones and teeth.

6. Helps to decrease cholesterol in the blood. Especially if the vitamin C is binded to oat bran. As oats lowers the cholesterol.

7. Vitamin C used to form blood cells in our body.

8. It is important in the production of adrenaline.

9. Helps the body in situations of stress. Most smokers has a different level of stress. As I mention in Vit. C for Smokers and Inhalers that every one stick of cigarette destroys 25 mg of vitamin C

Smokers doesn't know that they are destroying the vitamin that help them combat their STRESS. How much more to the smokers who didn't take vitamin C?

10. Finally, it increases the longevity of cell life. That as we get older its hard for us to regenerate cells in our body...

This article is intended to everybody. I would like to caught the attention of Yang and Bond. I promised to Yang that I'm going to write about vitamin C.