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Thursday, July 31, 2008

5 frames for Moments hosted by Gladys Reyes-Sommereux

Moments is one of the shows of Net 25 in the Philippines. New episodes can be watch during 6:30 pm every Saturday. This is hosted by Gladys Reyes-Sommereux. The first time I saw it I thought its a lousy show. As the week pass by, I noticed myself I was already hooked up on this show. Every time the show ends up Gladys speak her theme on her ending spiel "living, loving & all about bonding... moments"

Just to reiterate the them. Is it all about bonding? Yes it is, the show emphasizes what kind of living does her guest have. Take note they are not just inviting a prominent people to impress the viewers. They are inviting ordinary people to share their story on the show. Not far to Oprah... Hmmm

How about living & bonding? thinking these two words for me its inter-connected to each other. The show teach the viewers the ways on how the family members bond to each other . For me they are very consistent on their theme every time I watched them.

I wrote this, to let them know that I appreciate their show. I'm giving them 5 frames. I hope they will not stop to find people who would like to share how they live their good life. To be able to impart their knowledge to the viewers.

I would like to congratulate Gladys for having a great show, a new baby girl and a new age of her life.


Joy0z said...

I miss pinoy shows talaga dear kaso I still don't have TFC, arte kasi ni Jay wahehehe.