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Monday, July 28, 2008

Journey to Tagaytay in Text View

You may watch the slide for this:

Journey to Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a nearby and get away city from Manila. To inhale a fresh air and escape the polluted air of Manila. This city is the best option. A 55 km drive and just takes you 1 1/2 hour by taking a car.

I have been there a lot times. Recently when my students like to go on a tour on a weekend. June and I have thought of Tagaytay. I didn't expect that I'm going to appreciate more this city.

We went first to People's Park in the Sky. June told us that it is a formerly rest house of the family Marcos. I wonder how beautiful it is during 70's. Standing and staring the 90 degrees view of Tagaytay. It's a wonderful and fantastic. I have a resilient spirit when I was there. Even my students told us that it looks like Jeju island.

Aside from the city of Tagaytay. You will also see the smallest volcano in the world. "The Taal Volcano".

My students decided to go on the actual site of the volcano. As we go there, it's not so easy. June had a hard time in driving because the mountain is so steep. The brake pads are almost burn so we were forced to stop.
From People's Park, I think it took us a 30-minute drive going to the resort.

The resort is located at Talisay, Batangas. We need to ride a boat and cross Taal Lake. The boatman said that the lake is about 600 meter deep.

Arriving to another resort takes us 20-minute. You have two options in going up to the crater. Its either you take a walk or ride a horse. I would like to remind you that the mountain is also steep and rocky. It's approximately 5 km long. If you're going to ride a horse it takes 30-minute going up. But if you're going to walk, you need to be a mountain climbing shoes.

The view of the crater fades out all our stress. It's definitely and guaranteed awesome. Try to visit there to see the beautiful scenery.

Again I would like to acknowledge Richard, Terry & Bond. Most especially my friend June. To make this tour possible. We miss you gentlemen... I hope I may feature Jeju Island in due time.