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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Koch Infection

Have you heard about this disease? Its another way of saying of (TB) tuberculosis. This was named after the German bacteriologist who discover the bacteria. His name is Robert Koch.

If you are experiencing cold, coughing, spitting phlegm and blood, chronic fatigue, weight loss, fever, chest pain, unable to breath. This means that your tuberculosis is worse.

There are some people that is not suffering the symptoms above. That is what you called latent tuberculosis. The bacteria is not yet active. It means that you have a strong immune system and able to control the spread of bacteria. The moment that your immune system lowers down, little by little you will experience those symptoms.

There are several test to determine a latent tuberculosis:

1. Through chest x-ray
2. AFB test or sputum test (usually the result is negative)
3. skin test

Finding out that you have a latent tuberculosis it means you are very lucky. Now a days, it is easy to treat this kind of disease. Please do not ignore and do something to cure your body.

Why this disease transmitted to another person? Unintentionally, some patients shared their disease to other. If just in case that you found out that your TB is worse and chronic. Try to be precautious because most likely you have a greater chance of spreading it.

Remember that TB is caused by bacteria and every time you spit your saliva it combines to the air. Since we need oxygen and don't have a choice but to inhale it through the air. There are some instances that we have a tendency to inhale air with some Koch bacteria. That's why, we need a strong immune system to protect our body.

Be aware of your daily activities regardless if your infected or not. Tuberculosis is a highly contagious disease which is produced by bacteria. It is mainly known to affect the lungs because the infection begins there, however, it does move to other parts of the body, affecting bones, kidneys, intestines, liver and spleen.

Love your body specially those who have a latent tuberculosis. Try to avoid the people who sneeze in front of your face.Take a large quantities of a natural antibiotic like bee propolis and garlic. In addition of taking of vitamins A,E,C,D, and B complex, also minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese and proteins. It is recommended to drink milk because it contains B3, B12, Folic acid and Inositol (from B complex). Try to sunbathe between 6am to 9am through sunlight you are able to acquired Vit. D which helps the body to utilize Vit. A, calcium and phosphorus. Most especially eat a lot of fresh fruits. Most of all consult your pulmonologist. Just to warn you that tuberculosis is a highly contagious and may be fatal! Don't find a way that a latent tuberculosis becomes worse.

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Joy0z said...

thank you for the information's nice to be aware with disease like this.