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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Manila Ocean Park

One of the most visited park in the Philippines today is the newly open, The Manila Ocean Park. It is located at the Rizal Park, behind Quirino Grandstand, Manila, Philippines.

This is the first and biggest aquarium facility in the country. When you visit this place you will see the variety of marine species. The underwater tunnel approximately 25-meter long, surrounded by wonderful creatures from freshwater and saltwater.

The entrance fee for adults is 400 pesos and 350 pesos for children. If you are a bonafide resident of Manila you can get a 10% discount. Just bring a valid ID indicating your address. Eventually, we wasn't able to have a discount its all because I don't have an ID. This park are open from 10am-9pm, Mondays thru Sundays.

Before we explore the Oceanarium. I would like to tell you the rules of the park. This is based on their pamphlet;

>Proper Attire - slippers and sleeveless undershirts are not not allowed inside the park.
>Food and Beverages - Food, beverages, candies and chewing gum are not allowed inside the park.
>Smoking is not allowed inside the park.
>Photography - Flash photography is not allowed as this scares the marine animals.

I would like to thank my students: Richard, Terry and Bond who made this tour possible. The featured pictures comes from Richard, Henry, June and mine. I made a slide for this tour. I hope my students like it same with Kaye and June. Just click this link Welcome to Manila Ocean Park.

As you enter the facility of Manila Ocean Park. Your journey begins in Agos (Flow) where the most of the freshwater creatures are featured. Like giant Arapaima the
largest freshwater fish that can only be found in Amazon River. Various types of african cichlids can also be found here. You can also found they're so called Touch Pool where you can interact with some friendly residents such as the starfish and sea cucumber.

Next to Agos is Bahura (Reef).
Basically you can see here the most fascinating craetures in the Philippines coral reefs. You can also see the clownfish hanging out with animone. It is also featured here the largest living arthropod, the Japanese spider crab.

After roaming around Bahura next is Laot (Fishing Ground). One of the famous fish here is Lapu-lapu or the Giant Grouper.
It can weigh up to 660 lb which makes them the largest bony fish.

Let's go to Buhay na Karagatan (The Living Ocean). We saw various marine animals and how they interact with each other. Like the stingray, travellies and etc. It looks fantastic and brilliant. The park were able to magnify the life under the ocean to its viewers.

After that is Ang Kalaliman (The Deep) it emphasizes the different kinds of schooling fish like the barracuda.
Like most people, they like to go on a group, gang, fraternity, association, corporation and etc. If you're belong in a group, as a member you feel secure and safe. Same with the fishes they also feel safer in groups. What about you, are you a loner or you need to belong to a group?

Next is the Overhang Tank where you can see a unique top and bottom view of stingrays.
Its really wonderful to look at!

After the Overhang Tank is Pating (Sharks)...

After exploring the ground floor. Let's proceed to the 2nd floor or the activity area. It provides a choice and fun activities for all to enjoy.

Like Fish Spa...
this is famous in Turkey. Now you can experience this in the Philippines by visiting this park. It cost 120 pesos per person.

Shark viewing area...
within your reach.

Activity area for children are also provided by the park. There is a glass bottom boat. Leading to the exit you were able to pass by a restaurant and souvenir shop.

I hope you enjoy this article. It made your awareness, to be concern to the marine species. I hope we can do something about the global warming. It really affects our marine species. As the water temperature increases so as the carbon dioxide which causes the death of the marine life. In little things I know we can help to control the global warming.


Joy0z said...

Wow. wish we could visit there sometime someday hehe..Keep posting dear. Mwah huggs.