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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reynold Blaxland

This letter was dated last April 9, 2008
Dear Teacher,
Hope you are doing great today today?i am Engr Blaxland Reynold, from Australia married to Mary who is from France .Due to the nature of my job, my two kid’s Rigney and Jane( who are 3 and 6yrs respectively)have been staying with the mother in France which is a French speaking country. I am presently in Nigeria on a contract with a multinational oil and Gas Company and I came in with my wife and kids. This country being an English speaking country, I hereby need a qualified English teacher. I will be offering to pay US$6,500 monthly together with some allowances on health and vacation. If you are interested, mail me back with your resume. Photo and cover letter. You can also call me through my personal mobile >>>>>

Engr Reynold

This is the name that is commonly used by the Nigerian Scammers. This is also the man that I'm referring in Post your Details

If your not used to scammers sometimes you will believe in what they say. Even if you need a job, still try to investigate for your own sake.

After exchanging e-mails, at the back of my head I wanted to know if this is true. Out of curiosity, I tried to search at that time "travel_globe_ng". Take note this the Nigerian immigrations. There is only write up about it from teflwatchorg. It is stating that it is a scam. I told my friend about it and she was really shocked.

One Sunday afternoon, I think last June 29, after we attend the mass. We're supposed to visit the mother of our friend because she's sick. That time I decided to stay and watch television. I usually round up channels checking the best show of the hour. There was a countdown of the scam top 10 lists featured by "ang pinaka" of Q tv 11.
Take note the number 1 on the list is "NIGERIAN SCAM". This is been around since 1920. They just evolve their style from time to time. I will not wonder if they will use my name and my friends name because we were able to send our resume to them. I e-mailed it to Engr. Reynold Blaxland. Tsk... tsk... tsk... I couldn't get it back. What can I do right now is to inform you by writing this.

I'm supposed to include the picture of the family they are using. I realize that I'm going to compromise the faces of the children. I'm still giving the benefit of the doubt that the person behind it is not Engr. Reynold Blaxland. Maybe someone in Nigeria is using the identity just to earn money.

This is my message to everyone... The name will change, their faces will change and, the country may change. Do not bite their offer. Anything is possible on the internet. Be responsible e-mailer, surfer and, blogger.