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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vitamin C for Smokers & Inhalers

Don't worry smokers I will not advise you to stop smoking. In my opinion we are all smokers because we inhale air. As long as there are smoke from cigarette and smog in our surrounding. Non-smokers inhaling a polluted air then there is no difference to smokers. That is why I called it as Inhalers.

That is the reason why we are prone to respiratory diseases. All we need to do is to strengthen our immune system. Support our white blood cells which defend the body against all types of hostile elements like bacteria and virus.

How are we going to strengthen our immune system?

One way to strengthen our immune system is by taking the recommended dose of Vit. C. Which is 60 mg the least and the maximum is 180 mg. This vitamin can't be produced by the body. For this reason it is necessary to take it daily. Through food supplement, food and beverage that contain it. Try to look the Vit. C that is binded to oat bran because its healing properties are increased.Taking Vit. C with oat bran into the body increases the absorption rate. It means it will not goes to the kidney.

To all the smokers each stick of cigarette can destroy 25 mg of Vit C. Much more to the inhalers that sit beside the smokers. It means that every time you sit beside a smoker you are able smoke twice than the smoker. Which on your part the smoke of cigarette that you inhale destroy 50 mg of Vitamin C.

Now let's do math... If you are taking 10 sticks a day. It means it destroys 250 mg of Vit. C in your body. For a non-smoker or inhaler the least that you can take is 60 mg and the maximum is 180 mg per day. While for the smoker it depends on how many sticks are consumed each day.

For food supplement, Vit. C is great if it is binded to oat brans. How about in food and beverages? I'll give you some food that contain Vit. C:

1. Citrus fruits
2. Cantaloupe
3. Green Peppers
4. Steamed Brocolli
5. Raw Papaya
6. Strawberries

This is just one function of Vitamin C. To elaborate all the benefits in our body. I wrote the 10 Reasons Why to take Vitamin C? Watch out for that article. You will appreciate Vitamin C and how it help our body.

Lucky to the non-smoker who live in the provinces. They have a high tendency to be healthy. Once again love your body because nobody loves it except YOU!