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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bo Sanchez

The first I encountered this name when I was doing my usual household chores way back 1999 or 2000. When I was arranging my books. I saw a green hard bound book. I tried to read it. When I started to read it, I felt a strange feeling. The feeling that I felt when I confess my sins. It goes up and down. When I looked at the author of the book it was Bo Sanchez.

I can't remember what happen to that book but I lost it. Until Bo published THE BOSS series. Which everytime i waited for someone I always go to National Bookstore. What do I do there? Your correct! I'm reading his books but I never bought even a single one for myself.

I bought some of THE BOSS series to give it as a gift for a friend. I even remembered I bought "Your Past Does Not Define Your Future" but I gave it as a gift for my teacher, my adviser, and my mentor Dr. Edna Galiza.

This month Aug 2008, finally I decided to buy his book for myself. Its still a gift but for no one else just for me. It is a part of loving myself. If I stated on The Message, that sometimes I can't understand the message of God. Now I can tell you that it becomes clearer and bolder.

The message of God explain to me through his book. The "7 Secrets to Real Freedom"
with the subtitle
"How to Stop Hidden Addiction and Achieve Great Success".

I would like to thank Bo for writing inspirational and self-loving books. Thank you for being a messenger of God. I hope and pray that each of us will have a book of yours. Stay fit and young... Thank you for loving your brothers and sisters here on earth! Kudos!!!