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Monday, August 18, 2008

Daily Health Tips

I got this text message from May... I thought of sharing this tips to my readers.

My story first before the health tips...

I remember when I was in the hospital. The nurse always asked: How many times did you urinate or poo from 2pm to 10pm? They've done actually twice a day. When I was on my third week. My Dad pretended to be a nurse and been asking me that question... LOL

I was laughing on that time. When suddenly the nurse came and asked that question again. I couldn't answer her because I was laughing. Her facial expression quite a bit angry staring at me. That time I explained to her what my father done before she came in... When I remembered it I still smile.

Anyway, we may also apply this everyday. Ask ourselves: How many times did we urinate or poo? Are we eating too much? Do we drink enough 8 glasses of water?

Here's the Daily Important Health Tips:

>Drink more water in the morning, less at night.

>Don't have huge meals after 5pm.

>Don't take pills with cold water.

>Don't lie down immediately after taking medicine.

> Answer the phone by left ear.

>When battery is down to last bar, don't answer the phone, as the radiation is 1000 times.

Its time for self-check, ask yourself will cost you nothing but a healthy lifestyle.

Love yourself!!!


Joy said...

wow..answer phone with left ear and don't answer if the phone bat is already one bar? very nice info dear..keep it up. Tag you again hehe.

Hapi said...

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twinks said...

great tips..
hmmm...i won't take pills with cold water now..makaya ko kaya? hehehe
take care :]

myi4u said...

?? Why we cannot answer phone with right ear? I am left-handed and naturally, I answer phone with left ear.

Also, while I am sleeping, I don't really like my mobile phone to be anywhere near me. It just that when I sleep with the mobile phone beside me, I tend not to sleep very well.