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Friday, August 29, 2008

Fingernail and Toenail Problems

Do you have this kind of fingernails?

Dry and brittle?! I know the picture is awful but I have to display it.

Since we are in lined with this topic. I might as well discuss the health problems about fingernails.

Our nails are responsible to protect the sensitive nerve endings from harm and injury. Nutritional deficiencies produce problems in our fingernails or toenails...

  • dry and brittle nails - means lack of Vitamin A and calcium
  • weakness and cracking nails - means lack of B-complex
  • dry and dark nails - means lack of vitamin-B12 - causes them to be excessively round and curved
  • white stripes - means lack of proteins
  • spoon shaped nails with a raised tip - means lack of iron
The nutrients that we will take depend on the type of the problem of our nails. Also to soften nails and prevent them from getting curved and dry, it is recommended, especially to us ladies who use common soap for a long period of time, to apply a moisturizing cream.


Joy0z said...

another great post, I'm conscious about my nails health lol

Laarni said...

Helpful post. I think i have some white spots on one of my fingernails. yay.

hey, that's just a gross photo. :p

Sam said...

Hi Laarni ty for the comment. I know it's a gross photo. Hahaha

Other people have that kind of problem. We must take care of our nails so that we can't have those kind of concern