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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Glamorous Pedicure Day!!!

The day before my birthday Yanna, June and I got together. I told June to bring her nail polish and other stuff for pedicure or manicure. We combine together our pedicure set.

After we ate our lunch, we decided to pamper our toenails. Isn't it obvious, we took a picture before and after of what we've done.

By the way, let me give you a short history of pedicure and its meaning...

It is stated in the Indian Fashion that history of pedicure goes back a long way.It was first noticed in Ancient Egypt. In India, people have been using henna since last 5000 years.Henna has proved to be the best plant for hands and feet.

Pedicure - is a noun
- pronounce as ped'i kyoor'
- come from the French word pedicure and Latin word pes curare which pes means foot and curare means to care for
- care of the feet, especially a trimming, polishing, etc. of the toenails.

A manicure or pedicure is a health and cosmetic procedure to groom, trim, and paint the nails.It is accomplished with cuticle scissors, nail scissors, nail clippers, and nail files, among various other tools. To paint the nails, nail lacquer(also known as nail polish or fingernail polish) is manually applied and allowed to dry.

There are various different types of pedicures. Some of the most common types are as follows:

- Regular Pedicure: This is a simple treatment that includes nail filing, nail polishing, and foot scrubbing. It can be done at home using various equipments.
- Paraffin Pedicure: This is a treatment that involves the use of paraffin wax. The feet are covered with layers of paraffin wax to moisturize feet.
- Stone and Salt Pedicure: This is basically a foot massage that involves the use of various different essential oils that are rubbed with the help of stone.
- French Pedicure: It is a simple pedicure that involves the use of white paint on the nail tips with a sheer pink color on the base.

Pedicurist - a person, usually a woman, whose work is giving pedicure.

Usually in the Philippines, the person whose giving a manicure and pedicure are branded as manicurist. We aren't aware that manicure is just care of the hand.

Let's go back to my story...

We tried to clean our own toenails. Personally, I have two nail lacquer; silver and black. June brought a lot of pastel color of nail polish. I tried to applied several color of nail polish but the three of us ended up with one color.

It's nice to look when your toenails are clean. You may put a nail polish or nothing at all. It is not necessary to have a colored nail as long as it is clean.

Toenails is a little part of our body but making it glamorous may help us build our self-confidence. Especially when we are used to wear slippers and sandals. Our toenails are exposed and visisble to another's eye.

Love yourself by pampering and having a pedicure.

Give yourself a glamorous pedicure day!!! Enjoy and have fun...


Joyoz said...

Hehehe..naaliw ako sa mga paa, magkakulay pa. Kainggit naman..buti pa kayo pwede mag get together anytime huhuhuh. Great post dear.