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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Process

Last summer my dear bestfriend encourage me to write anything in this world. She really doesn't know what I'm going through or maybe she has a hint. Well anyway without knowing, it helped me a lot. Expressing my inner thoughts, my interests and sharing my experience to others. I would like to thank my dearest Joy for loving me so much. She's one of the terrific person in my life.

I will tell you a story...

When I was waiting for June and Kaye. I entered to National Bookstore to look for a Manila map. I wasn't able to saw one so I roam around. I saw the books of Bo Sanchez... (Do you know him?) I was shocked because he has a new books. The books are usually sealed in the bookstore. But there is one book that has a tear off plastic. The "7 Secrets to Real Freedom". Unconciously I just open it and it turn to page 43 of the book.

Chapter 11
Step #1 on Loving Yourself: Forgive Yourself

I was able to read until page 47...

Chapter 12
What Happens If You Don't Forgive Yourself

After reading that page, Kaye came in so I need to stop. What I read in chapter 12 I almost have it all last summer. I would like to thank God for loving me so much...

I'm writing all of this to encourage everyone to love yourself, forgive yourself and accept who you are...

I would like to post this before my 30th birthday. I would like to celebrate it and enjoy my life to the fullest!!!


Joy0z said...

Huhuhu..dear matutulog na akoa pero pinapaiyak mo naman ako mimiss tuloy kita. Touch ako sa mga post mo huh? Love you dear and thank you for being my one only bestfriend kumare. Kainis naiiyak talaga ako..bye bye na nga.

Miss Elle said...

i love that positive spirit! Yes, love yourself and enjoy life! :)