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Friday, September 12, 2008

10 Lousy Filipino Pick-up Lines

Are you using these lines to those you’ve ever met in your life? These may be cheesy and corny but sometimes it works… Hahaha

10. Do you have a bandage?

because I scrape my knee falling for you.

9. Are you religious?

‘coz you’re the answer to my prayers…

8. Can you touch me?

So I can tell my friends that I have touched by an angel…

7. Was your father a thief?

because someone stole a star in the sky and put in your eyes.

6. I have three months to live…

5. Pardon me, are you in heat?

4. Where have you been all my life?

3. Excuse me… Is your Dad a terrorist?

Because you’re the bomb.

2. I guess your legs must be tired.

Because you’re running through my mind all night…

1. You know if I can rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.

If you have not use these lines yet. Please don’t try it now because it has been aired on TV and now me already written it here. Sorry… its time to change your lines.

This ranking is based on the TV program “ang pinaka” in channel 11 here in the Phil.


Gem said...

Are you tired?

You've been running in my mind all day!


Joyoz said...

Hahaha naalala ko tuloy yung post ko Are you the daughter of fire..because you makes me hot!

Babette said...

Naku, I have a suitor before that used one of those lines. Ang sagot ko naman sa kanya "Ulol!' hahaha

Shabem® said...

Yay, I remember the days ha-ha-ha.
Anyway I added you in my blogroll.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Joy0z said...

dear di kita naabutan..naglamyerda kami..kakabanas dito bahay lang pag weekends

Sam said...

@gem: that is another one. Hahaha

dear i read that one that's why i push through to post this one. its okay by the way you need to go out.

@babette: reminiscing those times makes us smile once in a while... wag lng madalas at mahuli ng iba?! hehehe

@shabem: Same here... surely i'll add you

Tom said...

@ babette. Buti hindi ka sinagot ng suitor mo na "Mental Hospital ka ba? Kasi ULOL na ako sa iyo" He...he...

kittykat said...

hmm..encountered some of these sis..lousy indeed..

Babette said...

Super corny ka naman! LOL

Sam said...

OMG this has been rising on google list... keep searching guys!