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I have bought my own domain my friends. Please update my link from into . Thank you very much for your kindness.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Awesome Site Award

Fabulous!!! Bill gave me this award. Thank you so much. I am really grateful that somehow we became online friends.

It took me while to post this award. I was thinking to whom I ever give this award. Hahaha... When I think about it of course I would give to the sites which is really awesome on my point of view. Right? The site which are belong on my blogroll.

Here are my top awesome site awardees.... janjarrannnn

  • Everyday Life - Dear I know you have this award but I'm still giving this to you.

of course I won't forget to return this award to Bill. I'm handing this back to you....


Joy0z said...

award..tan ta nanan....thanks dear..sensya na, nagloko ym ko eh..umuwi kna ba?

twinks said...

thanks sis for this award..
posted it in my site..
thanks for the thought..
you deserve this award..

Lanie said...

Hi Sam, I added this blog into my http://www.lanieonline, but I will add this in my other blogs as well ok. I just need more time to do it, but I try now. just check your blog url later. have a great day. Please vote for my blog at carlota's blog and my blog name is My Whole New World. thanks sam

Miss Elle said...

salamat sis ha. will post it later. thanks again! :)

Sam said...

You're welcome to all of you!!!

kittykat said...

hi sam..thanks for the award..i think you deserve this much more than I do..will post this one on my site..take care and stay pretty my dear..