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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dashing Smiles 1st Anniversary!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen..... Have you heard about this news?

Dashing Smiles will hit its first anniversary!!! Here are the exiciting part, the author organize a game for all of us.

and here are the prices:

  • 1 major price (brand NEW in the BOX) a Merkury Innovations (White) Docking Station, Speaker System, Clock Radio for Apple iPod.
  • For the major price, since I can’t ship this internationally a $15 will be deposited direct to your PayPal Account.
  • 1 winner of 1 year domain
  • 2 winners of customize layout (blogger platform)
  • 2 winners of 1,000 EC credit
we would like to thank the following sponsors of this game...

Julia-Aquino | Carlson Clan | Fish Hook and More | Catanico | Pinay Mommy Online | Mommy Earns Money Online | Blessings and Beyond | OnlineBiz and Resources | Lourdes' Mia | Digital Life Scraps

Isn't it cool? Let's all join...

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carlota said...

Hi Sam thanks ha. You are the 1st one yehey! hehehe.

Puede mamarayeg paki apil ug link ang sponsor please.

mao ni siya Julia-Aquino iya url kay Salamat daan ha. Happy weekend. hugs!

Sam said...

Surely I'll work on this...

Joy0z said...

Goodluck dear..I hope you'll win! Bongga talaga si Choco mag anniv hekhekhek

twinks said...

Kudos to madam choco for her pa contest..wala talagang katulad.
Goodluck sis for joining. :]