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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Foods, Benefits, and Questions about Vit. A

"Eat carrots so that you can see at night"
That is usually our mother told us everytime she prepares a carrot on our dinner table. I prepared some questions to be able to understand more about Beta-Carotene better known as Vitamin A...

What is Beta-Carotene?

Beta-Carotene is a Pro-Vitamin which is converted into Vitamin A in our bodies as needed.

Where are the process of convertion of Beta-Carotene in our body?

This process of convertion occurs in the liver and the intestinal wall.

How would we know if we are lacking of Beta-Carotene?

Disorders due to lack of Beta-Carotene manifest in some part of our body...

  • it is produced more frequently in the skin, whether causing dryness in the mucuos membranes of the nose, lungs, and mouth, or stimulating the production of acne.
  • sometime if we have trouble seeing with very little light or whose eyes are sensitive to bright light.
Does Vitamin A helps to prevent night blindness?

Yes, it does... It is important for the production of visual purple which we need to be able to see better on the dark.

How does Vit A helps to process our protein intake?

The protein intake cannot be processed unless there is enough level of Vitamin A in our body.

What are the compounds that destroys Vitamin A in our body?

The nitrogenous compounds destroy Vitamin A in our body.

This is the most interesting part... Let's find out the food that we eat which contains nitrites. These are the foods that are maybe your favorites, delicious for you, and maybe your comfort food.

What are the foods that contain nitrogenous compounds?

  • Preservative foods - This is not knew to us, right?
  • Food Coloring - Take a look at the ingredients if there is a traces of food coloring.
  • Foods that are fed to livestock - That is why livestock are delicious. (no wonder?!)
There are benefits if we have enough level of Vitamin A in our body...

  • Neutralizes the action of free radicals in our bodies.
-it protects our bodies against smog and a large number of illnesses
-it acts like a molecular oxidizing agent which helps to protect our cells
  • Keeps our liver and reproductive organs healthy.
  • Helps our bones, teeth, hair and skin.
- helps us to prevent problems caused by excessive pollution
- it also helps to slow the production if we have ulcers & prevent if we have a have a formation of cancerous tumors
  • Promotes growth and vitality.
  • Helps our body to destroy infections.
  • It's important for our vision and night blindness.
  • Very important in pregnant mother and for their lactation.
Beta-Carotene found on the followingo foods that usually we ate or maybe not... LOL

  • Green and yellow fruits and vegetables
  • dried apricots
  • papaya
  • peaches
  • spinach
  • asparagus
  • alfalfa
  • broccoli

  • garlic
  • raw carrots
  • fish
  • cod-liver oil
Now we know if we are lacking of Vitamin A. I think I'll pay attention to this vitamin. Eat a lot of food stated above. I'm trying to eliminate red meat, preservative foods, and food that has a food coloring ingredient on my diet.

To my reader it's your decision if pay attention to this vitamin anyway we are the only knows what we are lacking.

By the way most of the researches about health comes from the "Guide to Natural Remedies for Health and Well-Being by Enrique Garza.


Joy0z said...

great post it..keep posting..
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twinks said...

Hi Sam,
hmmm..good thing my mum forced me to eat veggies and fruits when I was a kid..hehehe..
thanks for the info :]have a nice day !

Liza said...

great info! thanks for sharing ;)