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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paul Potts Live in Manila

This is the first audition of Paul Potts in "Britain's Got Talent".

The voice is stunning and lovely. It relaxes your ears and somehow lowers your heart rate.

He makes Simon speechless and he speaks it was a positive comment. Which is very rare, knowing Simon as a judge. Hahaha...

Would you like to hear the comment of Simon? Just click "yes"

Paul Potts is Live in Manila, Philippines at PICC on October 8, 2008. Tickets are available at the Ticketworld their contact number is 891-9999.


OneHomeDiva said...

Hi Sam, it's me, OneHomeDiva LOL. That's my domain kse. :)
I've seen this video and it gave me goosebumps. It's great that he's finally doing what he likes, singing.

Gem said...

He's incredible! I think he has a natural interest and talent that he cultivated while being a mobile phone salesman!

I'm not a fan of opera but he has that x-factor touch!

Joy0z said...

oh makes me shiver everytime I listen Paul. I love Simon wahehehehe

kittykat said...

did a post about him as well my fashion blog..he is really astoundingly talented..bout your embarassing moment..wanna share???will share mine too if you like..hahahaha