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Monday, September 15, 2008

Psychological Aspect

"What the mind perceive the body can achieve"

Why are we discussing this?

Remember Heal Thy? One of the factor to have a healthy body we need to consider psychological aspect.

Let's take a look the literal meaning of the word...

psychological - an adjective
- affecting or intended to affect the mind

aspect - a noun
- the appearance or interpretation of an idea, problem, situation, etc. as considered from a specific viewpoint

My interpretation...

Psychological aspect is an attitude affects our internal peace or our behavior in facing our daily situation.

My question...

Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

The answer is very important.

Our perspective in life matters a lot. If we think we are great then we are great. Our minds are like magnets! If we are optimistic it attracts all the positive things in this world.

To tell you honestly, being negative is very natural. In fact, we are born to be negative. That is why we need to make an effort to be positive. We need to do something to make our life be beautiful, fantastic, brilliant and excellent. Let's allow positivity to stay and room in our life...

In the way we think it affects our emotion. Our emotions play a vital role in our body... it affects our health, mood, etc.


Joy0z said... this post dear and I tend to be like this as long as I could.