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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sharon & Miel Sing Together

Lately, my heart and mind are going to explode every time I saw this on the television. I don't care if you don't like the celebrities. I'm going to stand on what I like. (hahaha)

I like this new commercial of Sharon Cuneta and her youngest daughter Miel. Especially when I heard they're sing together. It relaxes my body, it soothes my spirit as daughter, and imagine myself when I become a Mom. I hope my Mom sings me with that kind of song...

I forgot to mention Frankie... she's also there. The second daughter of Sharon Cuneta.


genny said...

thats cute Sam i like it too...

Joy0z said...

ang cute naman..naaliw ako ah..hay kelangan kona talaga magkaron TFC..miss kona mga local TV

Scott Main said...

First time I've seen this clip, I find it sweet...

Great job with the new Domain btw!

twinks said...

I love this song..
Mother and child bonding talaga..
I love hearing their Nido commercial..feeling ko c Sharon ako kasi Nido din ang milk ng lil girl ko..hahaha
Happy weekend!

Sam said...

Thank you for a great response on my favorites. Thank you Mom Gen!!!

Yes Twinks, we can imagine ah este you pala can imagine to be like Sharon. Hahaha

Naku dear if you have TFC you'll get stock on it. There are a lot of good shows here.

Thank you Scott!!!


Wow Sam where'd u dig that in youtube?! That commercial brings back memories. :)