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Monday, November 3, 2008

Love Your Neighbor

This message is in front of the altar of one of the churches here in the Philippines.

I know this isn’t easy but I hope we can do this. Love your neighbor is the second important commandment of God. Our enemies belong to our neighborhood.

"If anyone says, "My love is fixed on God, yet hates his brother, he is a liar. One who has no love for the brother he sees, cannot love God he does not see" (1 Jn 4:20)
Therefore, "Whoever loves God must also love his brother" (1 Jn 4:21)


Sam said...

I really hope now I can do this. In that way I would fulfill the will of God.

Huh! it's not easy but we can make it!

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Bill said...

I agree Sam in todays world it seems like it is so hard. We have to just try and humble ourselves and try to be more like God. That is part of my prayer every morning to have him open my heart.

I think i put my url in the wrong spot LOL.

Babette said...

Hi Sam, it takes a big heart to do this. It is not always easy since we are human after all but we can try and do our best.

Umma said...

Wow! this is indeed easy to say but very hard to do. I will be hypocrite if I will not admit that sometimes I'm a stubborn person who hates if I don't like you but I could be a very nice person if I really like you.

I know it takes time to fulfill and humble yourself but with the help of constant prayers. I know we can do it by gradually opening our hearts and soon you will realize that you are imitating the words of God. Naks haba nito ah!

bluedreamer27 said...

forgiving your enemies is the greatest thing a man could ever do in his life.....
its nice to live a life without hatred
have a great day and may God bless you always

bingkee said...

That is one of my most favorite verses that I can memorize and instill in mind and heart---to remind me all the time because this is hard to do in our own strength. The whole of Romans Chapter 12 is a very good chapter to memorize. "Do not take revenge. Let God's ire do its wrath. For He says, "It is mine to avenge." ....."For you will heap burning coals on his head."
This is very hard to do but when you ask the Holy Spirit each day to guide you and empower you with a strength from God to do this ---you can do it. This verse is always in my heart so I always have a reminder.

Sam said...

Hi Bill,

I erased it... That's good you've been praying for this every morning. It's easy to said and done.

Sam said...

Hi Mama,

Yes we are just human. But we occupy earth temporarily. Intangible things are forever.

On my part it's also hard. Especially I really fight for my right and don't like to be little by other people. I'm really trying my best to do it.

Sam said...

Hi Umma,

Yes you're correct! We have so much pride in our heart. That if we don't like the person right there and then we put period on them. We don't allow ourselves to know, appreciate and love them.

Sam said...

Hi Blue,

Yes it's so wonderful to live without any hate in our heart. You know sometimes we don't actually hate the person but the act itself. We are encountering different scenarios in our life. But at the end of the day, are we willing to forgive, pray and love our neighbors that done wrong with us.

God bless you too...

Sam said...

Hi Bingkee,

That's good for you. Thanks for sharing it. Now a days I don't fight I chose to be silent. Especially when my neighbor provokes me. Huh!

twinks said...

Hi Sam,
To live a life of peace one must learn to forgive and love those he hates. Very hard thing to do sis. I always pray for the Holy Spirit to always enlighten me in everything I do. Having no enemies is good.
I hope that every human being will have this verse in their hearts.

Take care sis..
btw, sorry now lang nakavisit.. been busy lately with my offline life..haay..

Sam said...

Hi Sis,

That's ok, we have a normal life to deal with. hehehe

Yes sis i hope this verses will stick into our mind and heart. So that it will lessen to build up any misunderstanding with our neigborhood.

Have a great day!!!

BongFlo said...

hi sam! easier said than done this post... the world would be a so much better place if all the people would abide by these. reminds me of the time i was new in the renewal, di ko to maintindihan... i cannot come to terms forgiving those who has done me wrong. of late, natutunan ko na din tanggapin that you cannot love God if you don't love your brother. i struggle sometimes with it but i feel that i am going there already. nice post ha. anyway, me and my boy are going along fine now... he still has to serve out his punishment though, i grounded him for three months! be informed also that your suggestion to give more hugs and kisses are being followed by me. thanks so much. may GOD continue to bless and guide you every single day! ciao!

Sam said...

Hi Bong,

Yes its easy to said and done. There is no harm in trying this one. At least these words serve as a reminder to all of us.

That's good to hear about your eldest. I hope and pray that you'll maintain a good relationship.

God bless you and your family!!!