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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vitamin P

Vitamin P are the so called Bioflavenoids. There is no recommended daily allowance for this vitamin. It works together with Vitamin C to strengthen capillary and connective tissues. It helps to quickly relief cold and flu. A great help in treatment of inflammation of tissues and vertigo. It provides resistance against infections. Helps prevent bleeding gums.

This vitamin help maintain arteries, quicken blood circulation and lower cholesterol.

The following food contain this vitamin:


citrus fruits


grapes/grape seed



kittykat said...

everything in the list sis are my favorite..i'd rather eat them rather than take vitamin c supplement..

Umma said...

Great post lovely Sam. That's my problem bec I dont like veggies waahh but Im trying to eat healthy these days hopefully I can maintain it.

Sikris said...

Oh ... there Vitamin P?
Thx for the info ...

Joy said...

Halos araw-araw pala viamin P lang kinakain ko hahehehe..

twinks said...

Hi Sis,
wow good thing I love eating those food mentioned. Now, at least I won't worry if I lack Vitamin P or not. TGIF sis! enjoy! :]

Babette said...

Vitamin P is one of those that we rarely hear about. I don't even remember this. LOL

Bingkee said...

Those are my favorite---so it's easy for me to get this.
Anyway, Sam, adto sa akong site. I have something for you.

U.Lee said...

Hello Sam, yes, those are good for a healthy life.
My wife and I have been taking Bee Pollen past 30 has what we need...and slows down aging too. Even Hollywood actors take it.

You have a great weekend Sam, best regards, Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hi Sam, its me again. Are you a model? Everytime I pop into your blog, your lovely profile pic reminds me of Jean Simmons. Honest! Ha ha, LeePS, You seen that movie "Sabrina"? With actor William Holden?
If not rent the CD. You look like her.

Bill said...

I like citrus fruit also. I did not know it had the vitamin. I will have to eat more.

Sam said...

Hi Kitty Sis,

Good for you that you're eating those fruits or vegetables. Try natural Vitamin C supplement rather than the synthetic one.

Have a blessed Sunday!!!

Sam said...

Hi Umma,

If you don't like veggies try to take natural food supplement which is in tablet form. Like "alfalfa" in tablet form. hehehe but if not I hope you'll get used to eat veggies so that your palate will program to eat that kind of food.

Enjoy your day with baby YL!!!

Sam said...

Hi Sikris,

Thank you for visiting this post. Highly appreciated. Yes there is. hehehe

have a great day!!!

Sam said...

Hi Sis Twinks,

Have a great and wonderful for the upcoming weekdays. Let's just eat those foods that makes us healthy.

Sam said...

Hi Mama,

I thinks it's time to make a post about this vitamin. It's not known because of overwhelming vitamins like A, E, C and B-complex. I'm supposed to post B vitamins but it's kind a long. LOL

I choose this one because it's short and not so popular.

Enjoy and have fun with DH!!!

Sam said...

Hi Bingkee,

Thanks for that award. It's really cool. Yup it's easy to have this vitamin.

Extra care Mommy Bingkee...

Sam said...

Hi Uncle Lee,

You know what bee pollen is really good. All of the apiculture products are good. They're magnificent!

You really make me smile and laugh. Yes I am a model! A frustrated one. Hahaha I'll just make a post who is my replica. LOL

Sam said...

Hi Bill,

Citrus fruit doesn't just have a vitamin P but also with vitamin C.

Keep smiling...

BongFlo said...

hi sam! may vit. p pala. its good to know so i can feed my kids that contain this vit. btw, there's alot of tagging going along the net, i got one recently and out of respect for the many who find the time to answer these tags, i am doing one and tagging you in the process. go check out it out. ciao!

Sam said...

Hi Bong,

Okay i'll check it. I hope i'm not finish with that tag. Yup there is this kind of vitamin. We are just focusing on prominent and has more anti-oxidants like vitamin A,C,E and B.

Have a nice day!!!