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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Building your own Garden

Sometimes we always compare to others (why she's like that and why she has these?) . We don't realize that we must build first our self, not just to be pleasing to anyone but to itself and to God. How are we going to create or build our self? We will going to create a poll for that. To view mine and yours point.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Drop off on My Poll

What makes you smile in the morning?
When I finally open my eyes and realize that I'm alive.
When I think of my love ones.
When it is a brand new day and God has lots of blessings that day.
When I have a good dream.
When the world has less pollutants.
When your beloved finally realize that your the only "one".
When your goals are in your hands.
When you surpass a big trouble with anyone in this world. Wow!
When you finally see the aisle wearing you're white gown.
That God is always there for you, holding your hand anytime. free polls