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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Care for your Body, Now!!!

Why do you need to take care of your body today? Because NOW is the only time you had to take care of it. You can't go back yesterday or in time because it is already finished. The future will only tell us the outcome. We had this saying "What you sowed is what you reaped"

NOW is the time, it is the point of reference where you are able to anticipate any disease that will occur in the future.

Post your Details

One of my friend told me to post in because she is receiving a lot of e-mails. Which is offering her a job in abroad.

To cut the long story short, I also post some of my details there. In my case I received a lot of e-mails like the e-mails of my friend.

There was one mail that caught my attention. An Engineer offering me to work in Nigeria. He also offered this to my friend. Surprisingly, same lines and amount. This man doesn't even know that we we're friends. So I respond to his letter and even send my resume to him. We even exchange e-mails and I'm very excited during that time. His offer is I'm going to be the personal tutor of his two kids. He will be paying $6,500 monthly. Can you imagine how big it is specially if I'm going to convert it to Philippine peso. It's really big, right?

If this thing will going to happen it will be my first time to get out of the country. But at the back of my head, why this man is offering to the two of us with the same offer? That's the time appreciate, it help me a lot. I search some of the details in the Internets.

I FOUND OUT that his offer is a SCAM. Fabulous!

Thanks to God! I'm not wandering for a long time. Thinking what I'm going to do with that country. Imagining the feeling of the loved ones you will left behind. Sometimes even if we really need it, please take time to investigate some things. I even end sending letter to OW WA seeking for their advice. So far they did not respond maybe they did not receive my letter. I would like to thank for writing about the issue.