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Sunday, June 21, 2009


It’s been a while since I was not blogging. I focused much attention on my business for the past 2 months. I miss a lot of friends here. Ever since I wrote about the birthday of my dearest Joy, I never thought of visiting the web. I was too exhausted at the end of each day. My daily routine was I woke up at 5am and fixed up myself after that I went to the store. I usually closed it at 7pm. That is why I was really exhausted. Wait a minute during Sunday I just open it only for half day. But for the past weeks I had been busy with my schedule.

For the first month I tried to get a helper but it didn’t work that well. She’s just diligent on the first week of working on me. I noticed that every time she’s on the store I don’t have either sales or it’s minimal. Huh! That is why she’s out of the picture. I was planning after her to get a new one. But a new angel and friend which is her name is Milcha told me that, if you don’t have peace of mind then don’t get a helper. So I decided to shoulder all the errands of this business. From purchasing the goods, marketing and selling it to the people. So far it turned out so well.

Some of the friends are helping to sell the products in their area. I guess it’s time to thank them. I would like to say thank you to June, Lora and Bam. Somehow you guys fulfill my goal to be a wholesaler. Honestly, my goal is to be a wholesaler. That some of the retailers would buy bulky products on me. Hahaha I hope it will come true.

Anyway I am hoping to be consistent on my blogging life. I miss a lot of my reactions on certain issues in this world. I am finding means to buy a new laptop so that I could blog while doing my business. I hope all of my friends are doing so well and great.


Liza said...

Oh, kaya pala ang tagal mong nawala. Nice to see you're back Sam. :)

kittykat said...

Hello sis..welcome back..I just got back to blogging as well..I missed you too..are you back for good?

Bill said...

Hola Sam i am glad to here that your business is running so well. Congrats, before you know it your will be a millionaire LOL. Welcome back dear friend.

bingkee said...

Oo nga Sam, perti ko pangita sa imoha. Nawala man ka dayon ....well, welcome back. I'm so glad you're back...

Joy0z said...

I miss you dear mare kong bestfriend. I'm always praying for your luck. If you have time text me at my new roaming number +639296380828. I sent you offline messages sa YM in response of yours. Love you dear.

deejames said...

hi.. kumusta.. im back in the blogosphere..