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Monday, November 2, 2009

All Soul's Day

Today we are celebrating all soul’s day. We went to my mother and brother’s haven. We visited them together with my close friends.
We bought some flowers to be arranged by my brother Gerard. Well I guess on my part his a professional florist. I salute you big brother!
I know in my mind that our mother is very happy. She likes flowers and big candles. But you know what once in a while I can help myself to miss her. I was missing our talks together over the phone. I miss you Mommy!!! Huh Mom are you here? There is something happened on the computer while doing this article. Oh no, I am not scared with if I could see her again I would be happy to thank her. For the things that she have done for our family. My everyday prayers are with you. I am continually praying for our family.