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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Signal Problem

Every time I went home I usually watch my favorite shows at night. One of the basic problems is the network signal. I was thinking if it is good to have a Directv Programming or a satellite tv what do you think? As I read a few information of having a good signal. I found out that satellite tv is really awesome to have because there will be no barriers of shows across the globe. I will not be stuck on my so called favorite shows just because I don’t have a choice. But I can watch live shows from different continents. Well let’s see if I can have that, maybe soon. Hehehe

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting Nearer

It’s been a long time since I wasn’t able to drop my cards. To those bloggers that are still dropping on me thank you so much. I am just waiting for few more days and I hope it will come true. It will not be unveiled unless it’s in front of me. Hehehe do I thrill you guys? I can’t tell you yet. Hopefully I can have it… See more next time I need to go to church to attend the mass. I need to feed my spirit… Have a blessed day everyone.

One Day

One day my brother and I are heading home we have this fantastic conversation. He told me that he wanted to increase his skills and study welding. I told him that he must study first of driving a car. Hahaha Yes! A car that has a mercedes supercharger and he ask me back, why? I replied, because if my business works out then I will need a driver and I will hire him. That is just one of my wildest imaginations. Who knows it will come true. Dreaming of something is one of the free things here on earth. If I am extremely near then that’s the time the money will come out.