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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet and Sour Experience

On my last update, I told you that I’m going to post on what happen on my first time bazaar. I called it as sweet and sour experience. I really learned on this event. I know I lost a lot of money on this game. I just thought that it is just my tuition fee to gain knowledge about my business. This was also a sweet experience because we met a lot of friends. From organizers to fellow concessionaires, is such a priceless gains that we had on this bazaar. If I will be given an opportunity I would still join on their bazaar next time. It is simply because I know how to play the game on this place. Next time I will give tips on how and why to join on a bazaar. The only message for now: dare to gamble and don’t be afraid to lose the game…

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Corinthian Bazaar '09

I really thought that I could post on my blog often but things get complicated since I was invited to be part of their bazaar. As you all know I don’t have an extravagant shop to flaunt. In fact my stall was one in the corner of the market at Manila. I don’t have a huge capital to have a stall on the mall. That is why I’m hands on in this business. I consider myself that I am working as an employee that I need to this well. If I could only see you how I started on this business. Anyway, one day I have two viewers on my store sometime last October. They told me why you don’t join in a bazaar? I replied them that I can’t do that as of now because simply I don’t have the capacity in terms of capital. They told me that my items are really good and fashionable. Huh! Thank you so much for the compliment. We end up on our conversation in asking their numbers. If ever I could join since that time it was quite far. To get this story short I wake up one morning that I’ll be joining on this bazaar. It will be on November 27 to 29 at Corinthian Garden Ortigas. On Friday up to Sunday from 10am to 7pm. We are located on hall 2 at letter “S” stall. Is that lettering really mine? Hehehe I am inviting you guys to stroll and buy something of course. Let me know if you’re a blogger and I’ll give you a discount. Seriously I will give you a discount. This is my first time to attend this kind of affair that I am not a customer. See you there. Surely I’ll keep you posted whatever happens on this event. Good luck to all of us.

Monday, November 2, 2009

All Soul's Day

Today we are celebrating all soul’s day. We went to my mother and brother’s haven. We visited them together with my close friends.
We bought some flowers to be arranged by my brother Gerard. Well I guess on my part his a professional florist. I salute you big brother!
I know in my mind that our mother is very happy. She likes flowers and big candles. But you know what once in a while I can help myself to miss her. I was missing our talks together over the phone. I miss you Mommy!!! Huh Mom are you here? There is something happened on the computer while doing this article. Oh no, I am not scared with if I could see her again I would be happy to thank her. For the things that she have done for our family. My everyday prayers are with you. I am continually praying for our family.