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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PNoy’s First SONA

Last week when June 25, 2010 is coming I am very excited to hear PNoy’s 1st SONA. Thank God that I was at home that time because as what you know it is not holiday. I listen attentively to what he is going to reveal on Filipinos. As an ordinary citizen hearing it live I felt his sincerity where he only wants our country lead to magnificent one. On the other way around it is the first time that I felt that I need to participate. I need to be an effective citizen through abiding the law. It is loud and clear that our president can’t do it alone. Were he stated that he needs all of us to make things happen. I know that I am not practicing my profession as a teacher but instead I choose to be in the business industry. I was thinking lately how I could help him. He said that we need to help our brothers to become effective: educate, look for a job and be able to save some money. Well on that part I am trying to help not so young men to be able to pass on their exam so that they could get a college degree.

I know that some critics had endless negative words about him. Lets all unite please instead of criticism tell him your brilliant ideas that can contribute on making this country move forward. A negative person has lot to say about their fellows. There are like crocodiles waiting others to make mistake so that they could eat them. When there opponents are dead then that’s the time to rule again. I think PNoy have the best advisors because we are here on his side. Remember the last inauguration he told us that “we are the boss”. So let your suggestion and reminders be heard by our president. Let’s stop patronizing the things that is against the law. If there are no demands there are no supplies at all. I know there is a lot of patriotic heart out there. The boss sees to it that his employee is working well.