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Friday, August 6, 2010

Business Blog

I would like to introduce my new business blog. It’s still under construction but I already wrote my first topic Top 5 Business Career Attitudes. Well who would like to visit it I am absent in blogging for a very long time. I tried to visit the other bloggers who’s in my blog list and sad to say they didn’t keep me on their list. I am still giving them consideration especially to other bloggers that I have known for a while. Maybe I am going to leave a message to put again on their list. Huh! On the sad note those blog that I’m not really familiar with, you are temporarily erased. Anyway may I go back to my business blog. I am just a small time business woman. I started selling since when I was on elementary until now. From food, food supplements, accessories, and finally apparel business which I am focusing right now. I choose to do business rather than practicing my teaching career. Only to find out that being a teacher is the number one course in the list of courses that leads to entrepreneurship.