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Sunday, February 21, 2010

First for 2010

After reading the comment of David, I realize that February is going to end up and still I’m not writing on my blog for 2010. Very strange compare to last year that I can update it. Well my alibi is laziness, is it? I don’t think so… I think for now it’s not my interest to write that is why I can’t form any, right? Hahaha I am really hoping that I could write often as before. Sometimes I don’t have the means to do it. I am kind a frustrated that can’t do this another side of me. Imagine my last update was last November 2009. As what David commented…

..." I trust all is well with you.
Very few posts and none in 2010.
Did you have problems from all the typhoons?"

Thanks for asking, the answer is no. Thank God that I was not a victim of typhoon neither by Ondoy nor Pepeng. I’m just busy for my clothing lines. I would like to dedicate myself at least a year for my business. To be able to master and plays this game really well. For next year it would be easier as I think of. Currently I am posting pictures of blouses and dresses that I sell. It’s not actually the clothes that I sell but confidence. It’s not the look and amount of what we are wearing but the confidence that we have that we could carry each clothes. I think next time I would post my store. I would be proud of it as where I started. “Confidence makes our day whole”