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Showing posts with label gadget. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Techy Gadgets

Are you familiar with this counter strike ogc download? Well, I found that consists of a lot of techy gadgets and discuss my question above. Bye for now I hope you will visit it too.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Aid

For now Sidekick II is my aid in writing my posts. This is the gift from a friend that had been gotten last season. Not as brand new as you thought but it is better than none at all. Hehehe I just type my swirling ideas on my notes. You’re maybe wandering after I declare that I would be silent for the next few months. I just realized that this blog will have been turned out for a year. OMG! I should post something or anything. I consider this blog as my eldest. As you can see on my sidebar I have two other blogs. All my post had been kept on my notes and type or upload it whenever I have time to face the computer. I can’t do it in the office that is why I’m just doing my dropping there. Sssshhh that is supposed to be secret where just allowed there to research for our lesson. Next time I will let you know how I do my ec drops.