Are you like those people who do not have any idea of cooking and DIYs of kitchen? Are you one of them who always contact or look for catering Dubai or outdoor catering Dubai whenever they have to plan any event because of their friends and relatives?

If yes, then don’t worry. Save your money and use smartness. You live in 21st century. There are few machines in your kitchen which can work for you for free like microwave, sandwich maker and mixer. 

Do you want to use them to make food for you? If yes then read below and and find what you can cook and make with the help of them!

  1. Mac n Cheese Pasta: You can prepare within five minutes, if you have pasta, cheese, milk and microwave. All you have to do is to add water and pasta in cup and keep it in microwave for a minute to boil it, firstly. Then, add cubes of different chees, you have, with milk and keep it microwave for two to three minutes to cook. Your pasta is ready. 
  2. Pancake: You can prepare chocolaty pancake too for your school lunch that can arranged as sandwich. For this, you have to pour batter of pancake firstly, then add nutella on it in good quantity and pour more batter over it.  Turn it upside down to cook it from all sides and take it as lunch. Have it alone. 
  3. Cheese Sandwich: It is too easy to prepare. First toast two bread, then add a slice of cheese, few pepperonis and a slice of beef or meat on it then another chees and slice. Put it in microwave for 30 seconds. Your sandwich is ready. Have it with cheesy sauce or ketchup.
  4. Salad: If you love veggies, then you can cut a few edible raw vegetables in small pieces, put them in box, mix them with mayonnaise and add few pineapples and pasta in it to make it flavour. You can have your salad with rice or alone too. It will taste tasty if you are habitual of it.
  5. Smoothie: If you want to have some healthy liquor, then you can prepare a smotthie too. All you have to do is to cut your favourite fruits like berries and bananas, then put them in mixer with milk. Mixer will do rest of the work. When your fruits have turned into liquid, then pour your smoothie in bottle. Have it with biscuit or dairy food to make the meal wholesome.