Schools and stationery go hand in hand together. It is a must for teachers to make available several different types of stationery items in the school. At the same time, they also get to ask students to bring certain stationery items with them and keep some urgent ones in their bags. So, why would teachers ask children to bring stationery items when they have those available at school courtesy  school stationery shops in Dubai? There are several reasons for this, one of them is that stationery suppliers provide different types of items to schools compared to the ones that students have. Teachers may need chalks to write on blackboard, markers to write on whiteboards and a duster to remove the writing. They may also need other types of stationery items that children may not need. On the contrary, the children stationery is confined to pencil box, rubber, sharpener, the ruler and perhaps a geometry box with a compass, protractor and other necessary stuff. The list goes on and on. For now, though, you better follow tips to find top stationery for meeting your stationery needs:

Make a checklist

Always start your search by preparing a checklist. You should think of yourself as a novice looking to hire a stationery supplier for the first time. It will do your search a world of good and might help you explore suitable options as far as stationery suppliers are concerned. The checklist must comprise of suppliers that have been around for some time, as well as the fresh entrants in the market. The checklist must also focus on factors like variety of equipment and supplies, satisfied customers and testimonials if any. it will help you find a suitable supplier quickly.

Look at the portfolio

The portfolio is the list of items and services the stationery supplier may be provided to customers. The longer the list, the more chances that it will include items that you need to have at the school. Though there is no guarantee, it is likely that the suppliers with more stationery items are likely to provide required items by customers. Also, having an expanded portfolio means that customers can pick and choose the type of equipment you prefer without confusing things at all. While you are at it, why not look for  library resources for schools as well? After all, libraries require up to date resources too and stationery providers might just help.